Marketing for A Restaurant

Successful Marketing Tips for Restaurant

Marketing for a Restaurant

It’s hard, right? not any more 

Well, one of the smartest ways to do Marketing for a Restaurant we have how to build/engage customer visiting trick into your restaurant or bar.

Here is a step by step process tips Marketing for a Restaurant which help you to build a fast running restaurant in your nearby location.

I ran an experiment with over 10+ restaurants & bar to see its actually helps to get more visitors to the restaurant’s & its worked we provide 100% (ROI) return on investment to our clients.

12] Step By Step Process.

 Marketing for A Restaurant
  • Google My Business – Stand out on Google with a free Business Profile quite just an area listing, your free Business Profile allows you to manage how your business appears on Google Search and Maps. Do more features update on Google My Business you can easily manage Do you have new dish photos, hours or menu items, date, holidays there also, you can post new offers or giveaways their new feature is a follower of your restaurant can see them and their post and reviews.
 Marketing for A Restaurant
  • Traditional Marketing – Simply in starting you can put hoarding nearby location or at the popular place as college, office, business park and also between the range of 5km-10km people can easily come to visit your restaurant. Talking with persons who newspaper distributors, store owners to give a pamphlet for sharing of your restaurant. This is the oldest method of marketing for a restaurant that still works.
 Marketing for A Restaurant
  • Own Website – Developing a website for menus, reservations table, a website for food ordering. This helps you to reach more customers when people search on google about your restaurant you can also track them with our marketing tools and you can use for marketing afterword, we can show them ads of your restaurant sounds good?
 Marketing for A Restaurant
  • Online Ordering apps- In today’s online-driven environment, the number of people orders using online delivery apps like ZOMATO, SWIGGY, UBEREATS tie-up as delivery partners for your restaurant. They take a small commission from your food order, you can manage your dish price as per your convenience to their apps, and your pocket.
 Marketing for A Restaurant
  • Social Media Marketing – This is the best way to get to engage with your visitor of your restaurant customer or drive new customers for showing post of new offer & discount method which use to do marketing for a restaurant. Using the best quality of graphics photo & videos because social media is the highest targeted audience for the advertisement. The best palace to do is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube.
 Marketing for A Restaurant
  • Search Engine Optimization- Optimize our site with better content and specific keyword, when someone searches on google your restaurant comes that time on top this know as (SEO). you can start writing blog posts about your food, meals, offers & deals, or doing guest posts for more visitors to your restaurant.
 Marketing for A Restaurant
  • Google Ads – Ads are the ways to reach more potential customers to Geo-targeted ads, interest, lookalike, database audience advertise methods to getting more customers by Google ads. 100% work paid advertisements for leads to start with search ads and google my business ads.
 Marketing for A Restaurant
  • Brand Identity– Building your own new ways to give food dishes, music, preparing style & launch new dishes, which makes you different from others with this your identity of restaurant’s change number of visitor attractions to this and your brand identity increases so can have a big effect on your social media performance also on restaurant. Your aim should be to build your restaurant’s identity around your target customers.
 Marketing for A Restaurant
  • Tie-up with Influencers- As we know there viewers & followers are more, so when they introduced about your restaurant food & atmosphere on their social media and info about food and prices. After this other people start to visit your restaurant, because of influencer suggests coming to your restaurant.
 Marketing for A Restaurant
  • REVIEWS – This plays a crucial role for impressions of your restaurant, try to take review/feedback once customers complete food or satisfied with the services you provided. On Google business profile and social media that help others to know about your restaurant’s food and prices and facilities, increase the chance of other customers for visits to your restaurant.
 Marketing for A Restaurant
  • Mobile Payments- In today’s generations people like to use QR CODE to pay the bills with our mobile, people also started to visit where restaurants take online QR code payment to accept. Consumers show a QR code on their smartphone screen to device in-venue, to settle their bill. Guests who pay via mobile payment, we get other details like name, phone nu, email to use for marketing for the restaurant. The best payment gateways are – Paytm, Gpay, BHIM UPI.
 Marketing for A Restaurant
  • Loyalty and Rewards – Give the same discount or complimentary dish or dessert for customer satisfaction they will happy and visit again also suggest someone go there. Provide notifications about offers & discounts, Gift cards, and coupons.
1) Best website designer for the restaurant business?

Go with Digivian / call us on 9773319441

2) How much time it will take to grow?

It depends on your working on tips I listed here consistency.

3) Marketing for restaurant and budget?

Starting from 20k to 1lac

4) Digital marketing or Traditional marketing will best marketing for a restaurant?

Today gen of internet / mobile goes with digital marketing.


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